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Derek's Birthday Bash
Friday, December 1st, 2017
8:30 PM
Come pre-game at 8 and show will be at 8:30 with Blunt kicking it off! Probably in this order:Blunt - Stoner Rock from DekalbSICK/TIRED - Grind from Dekalb/Chicago (1st time playing the space in a really long time)Deterioration - seems like they are local Grind band from dekalb but they are from Minnesota. Lost Tribes of The Moon - Stoner Rock from Wisconsin to mellow it out. Handsome Prick - Rock n Grind from Indiana coming to crash the party.DRINK INSIDE, SMOKE OUTSIDE. Don't be and asshole. Have a good time. $$5$$ recommended donation because there's five band's now and three of them are from out of town.