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SongSmith @Mr Wolf’s presents SongSmith is 10 with Nicky Coates / Simon Anning / Zendium Moon / David 9 Lunas
Monday, November 27th, 2017
8:00 PM
Nicky Coates: The artist formerly known as Nicky Johns and as such the writer of two (at least …) of my top 100 Bristol tunes New York Sky and ‘The Man In the Parachute’ and the artists with the most shockingly overdue second album since The Stone Roses, to whit a follow up to ‘It’s The Quiet Ones You have to watch’ "Nicky Johns ... manages to avoid po-faced singer-songwriter cliché, and instead demonstrates an ease with rhyme and exudes the joy of doing it herself for the love of it." (Venue magazine) Simon Anning: Singer songwriter who built a reputation as a hard playing performer barely in control of his own emotions, such is the intense passion he sings and plays with. His songs range from acoustic rock and roll to bare-boned tales of lost love and gutter dreams. Since left his last band at the height of their popularity headlining festivals and sell-out shows across the southwest of England to ply his trade as a lone performer, Simon has supported The Drums, The Rifles, The Rumble Strips, Peter Grant and Sons and Daughters amongst others, as well as playing shows alongside Ellie Goulding and Ben Howard. Simon 2015's Dot to Dot festival in Bristol and was a regular on the London circuit where he has headlined gigs at The Troubadour, The Half Moon, Proud Camden, and The Bedford. Simon's songs 'Grace' and 'Tell Me It's Over' have been played by Radio 1, 6Music and XFM as he continues to push his growing reputation to the heights his songs. This performance marks a long overdue return to performing his gritty, passionate, soulful songs. Simon says .,,,, I feel it I write it I play it. Simple as that. I need my guitar and I just about need my microphone. It's been this way since I was 14. I've no early life dramas or struggles to manipulate. I'm just a thinker a part time loner and a fella who takes it in the heart occasionally. Community, choruses and making people feel good, happy and understood. None of us are alone once we realise we think the same way. David 9 Lunas:: a slightly hippier Hendrix. Describing himself as a singer- songwriter hardly does credit to what David 9 does. Steeped in hippy tradition, with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll, he has great charm, an innate niceness to his music, and is capable of some really sensitive and emotive writing. There are definite touches of both Donovan and Marc Bolan in his music, but he also has a surreal side to his lyrics that genuinely brings a smile to your face. Residing in the Bristol area and gigging regularly in the South West and London, he has been building a large following and his recent release, Mushroom Tea, shows his capabilities to a ‘T’. Andy Sniper Zendium Moon: Gaby and Tim are Zendium Moon - vocals, guitar and a part-time drum machine that goes by the name of Romilly. They met over a piano at a Bristol street-party during a late night drunken singsong in September 2015. An impulsive idea to form a band that evening quickly led from tentative early rehearsals to a sparky songwriting partnership and a realisation that they wanted to play to a bigger audience than Gaby's dog. They started performing in 2016 and recording songs for Soundcloud in Tim's home studio. Zendium Moon conjure up a dreamy melodic sound that weaves together indie, blues, folk and moody shoe-gaze influences over engaging, original lyrics. Comments from 'Songwriter's Forum' include: "A powerful, slightly melancholic majesty" "So much word-play, rhyming and imagery all bundled up so nicely" "Great lyrics- profound and thought provoking without being pretentious"