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SongSmith is 10 with Mireille Mathlener / Ian Perry / The Conversation / Drew Bryant
Monday, November 20th, 2017
8:00 PM
Mireille Mathlener: Netherlands born, Bristol based artist Mireille Mathlener has a growing reputation for striking songs with a real captivating, narrative quality and has been compared to the likes of Neil Young and Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders) and even Bertolt Brecht. Her critically acclaimed debut album 'So Much For Superman' (2008) received regular airplay on BBC Radio Bristol and numerous independent stations across the UK and Europe. Mireille’s second album was the stellar sounding Morricone soaked ‘Borrowed Land’ produced by Ali Chant (PJ Harvey/John Parish) at Toybox studios, Bristol. Both albums are available for download world-wide through Bandcamp, e-music, i-tunes and napster. Performance credits include supporting internationally renowned artists such as: Joseph Arthur, Dodgy and even left-field franco pop-duo John and Jehn. Her live performances offer a highwire act between breezy modern Americana and dark melodic alternative country-rock. Is she smiling or is she snarling? Come and see for yourself! Ian Perry: Drawing from diverse and global influences, Ian M Perry creates richly imaginative and soulful songs. His expressive, jazz-tinged voice, multi-layered guitar style and evocative lyrics are captivatingly original and flowing. A musician, writer and artist since childhood, Ian has been developing and refining these artforms throughout his life and graduated in 2013 with an M.A. in Fine Art. After many years spent performing around his hometown of Bristol, at festivals (including Glastonbury) and internationally (Spain, Italy, New York), in 2015 Ian began the process of recording his songs and creating albums. Stripped back to just voice and nylon string guitar this project has so far yielded six albums, with a seventh (“Various Journeys”) featuring the beautiful harmony vocals of Laura Iseley. Poetically, Ian's lyrics and story-telling reflect his inner life and its connection with the world around. Movements of time and seasons, changes in perception and emotions, relationships with life, love and spirituality – these are the recurrent themes in his work, and the result is a touching and deep music that transports listeners. Drew Bryant: Drew offers intelligent, perceptive lyricism that’s almost painfully aware of the foibles bound up in modern day living, Drew spins that awareness into an amusing yet emotive sound that zig zags up and down through the octaves. His live performance can be delicate and engaging or raw and raucous, depending on the song. The Conversation: Featuring eclectic singer-songwriter Tim Burroughs who mixes Americana, folk and world music influences. Tim is a multi-media artist being a painter and sculptor in addition to his music. Tonight, Tim will be playing sitar and guitar (mainly instrumental - with a few poems and songs) in a ‘conversation with classical guitarist Keith Hyett as part of an exciting new east-west project. They have recently played St Stephens Cafe and Berkeley Square Poetry Revue.