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Thursday, December 28th, 2017
10:00 PM
For over two decades, Ministry of Sound has created the moments that people live for. In 1991 you had to be there to experience the euphoria and many of their DJs and listeners were.

This Christmas they revisit the magic of those times and add to the future of its legacy by taking over this legendary venue and filling every room with Mi-Soul vibes.

Join them for their biggest party yet, there is still only one rule: the music comes first.

DJ Bigger,
DJ Fen,
Femi Fem,
Lindsay Wesker,
Matt White,
Mickey D,
Ronnie Herel,
Stretch Taylor,
Treble Tee ,
Dr Psycho , Craig Williams,,
Booker T,
Brian Power ,
Lil Stevie,
Marcia Carr,
Martin Lodge,
Melvo Baptiste,
Neil Pierce ,
Nick Brickell,
Nicky T,
Paul Trouble Anderson,
Sy Sez,
Calvin Francis ,
Keith Lawrence ,
Natty B,
Pete Andrew,
Shaq D,
Stuart Patterson,
Tony Tomlin,
Jumpin’ Jack Frost,
Abi Clark,
Bob Masters,
Brandon Block,
Dr Bob Jones,
George Kay , Ronnie Herel,
Gordon Mac,
Mike Vitti,