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SongSmith is 10 with The Shiny Blue Demons / James Fussell / Tarpaizie / Antonio Palumbo
Monday, November 13th, 2017
8:00 PM
Shiny Blue Demons: Devilishly good tunes from SongSmith faves who are suitably demonic, shiny and .... er .. blue? Collaboration based around the songs of long time SongSmith favourite Tim Burroughs this time out featuring Len Liechti and QJB on guitar and bass respectively plus Tim’s long time friend and collaborator Chris Hales on keyboards (all from The Real King(s) of Spain). Putting the rhythm into some of Tim’s upbeat and world music songs. James Fussell: Formerly playing with his North Street band James is back with an acoustic set playing his alternative, quirky and rather brilliant songs for us. Tarpaizie: Quirky, original songs about the human condition with a hint of cynicism and an added dash of humour." Tim Hartnell Some of you old Bristolians may remember Tim from way back when he was in Black Slate Transit Band. Others will have seen his awesome guitar work when accompanying various artistes out and about at open mics in Bristol and Portishead. Helen Ditchburn Those of you in the know are aware that Helen didn't start playing guitar or writing songs until she hit her 40's. She was often to be seen in folk clubs or at open mic nights in and around Bristol for many years. In 2005 she founded Bristol Acoustic Roots Singer Songwriter Festival (BARSSfest for short). She ran it for 2 years, co-hosted it in 2007 and then handed over the reins to her good friend, and business partner at the time, Quentin John Burton. Now they're back as a duo, Tim on lead guitar and Helen as vocalist, rhythm guitar and bass (not all at the same time ;-) ). Antonio Palumbo: Born and raised in Milan, Antonio started releasing music with the Italian indie-pop-folk band Nebel. Together they toured extensively throughout Italy and Europe. Then the time came, and he started to walk alone, keeping in his heart the music of Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, John Mayer and so on. In his music, rarefied atmospheres with a strong voice and an innate sense of melody create intimate performances. Altaguardia is his first official solo release. It was conceived in a small flat in Altaguardia street, Milano (hence the title) and it’s all about growing up, loving and letting go. Facebook Page : Twitter: @superantonpal Instagram @antonpal