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Green Jello & The Smokin' Gorillas CALI-Christmas Circus SHow
Friday, December 15th, 2017
7:00 PM
Green JellO & The Smokin' Gorillas Comin 2 U Live!!! Straight Outta Kelseyville High School…Comedic Superstar and Future Legend…TYLER VANDERWALL!!! Working his VanderMagic…You are guaranteed to lose your Cookies!!! Then get ready to Rock! Ukiah’s own...FALL CHILDREN!!! The fun doesn’t stop there Kids! The “ACE of the AXE”…of Fort Wayne, Indiana...BILLY YOUNGBLOOD and THE SMOKIN' GORILLAS!!! Guaranteed to Go Ape @#$%!!! Conveniently placed last… (Warning: They Suck! Leave while you can!) Grammy Nominated, Seller of 20 Million songs, World's Worst Band GREEN JELLO!!! ALL Proceeds to be Donated to Autism, Advocacy, & Intervention and Lucerne Elementary! GREEN JELLO XMAS EXTRAVAGANZA with Santa and Motha Goose!!! Stay tuned...Tickets go live in the following weeks