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Bodysnatcher/Falsifier/Aethere/Born for Tomorrow/ EOE & Guests!
Tuesday, November 28th, 2017
8:00 PM
Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 – Calgary, we’re going to show Tuesday what’s up! Voxx Promos and Distortion - Live Music Venue proudly prevent the “Death of Me” tour featuring for the first time ever through Alberta, Florida’s, Bodysnatcher! Hitting the road with our friends, Falsifier and Aethere (also for their first time through Alberta) this show promises to deliver crushing performances and brutal pits! If this lineup couldn’t get any better, we’re going to throw a local dual album release at you featuring two of Calgary’s favorites: Born For Tomorrow and Embers of Empires! Kicking off the night will be up-and-comers, Bayonet! Are you ready Calgary?! Bodysnatcher (Melbourne, FL) “In the distance, through the thick grey fog and dense, suffocating humidity, a knell rings—once, twice, a third time—followed by a stifling, uncomfortable silence. A sparse handful of men and women—maybe one or two children, and a couple unfamiliar faces—are gathered around a narrow, haphazard six-foot deep hole in the ground. Over the moderate splash of rainfall, you can barely hear the words of a man—some nobody being paid twelve bucks an hour who never knew you—says some words about the life you lead and the person you were. You’re looking at your own funeral, removed from space and time, looking not from the lofty heights of heaven, nor from the hellish corners of Hades, but from somewhere…in between. This is the end of the “you” that the handful of acquaintances and estranged family members knew. This is depression, depravity and bleak, bitter, angst-driven anger. This is The Death of Me, the debut full-length by Floridian ultra-heavyweights Bodysnatcher, and it is an example of unrefined, unrelenting, unapologetic heaviness with an introspective, aggressive and anguish-tinted hue.” ~ (See the full review here: Catch their music video for “Heavy Gloom” here: Falsifier (Windsor, Ontario) It is a bitter, bleak darkness, slithering its way into your ears, winding its way into your head and infecting your mind—spreading disease, distrust and destruction with every syllable spoken. Described as dissonant, dismal and dome-splittingly heavy, it is the music of Falsifier—lords of lurid aggression hailing from London, Ontario. Far from a lie, Falsifier are the whirlwind of misanthropic, mutilating honest anger that down-tempo deathcore has been lacking, blending low, slow instrumental elements with catchy riffs and throat-shredding vocals, these Canadian crushers bring honest energy to a dull, stagnant and repetitive scene in dire need of a renovation. Check out their newest music video, “Choke” Here: Aethere (Northern California) A 5 piece metal band from the Bay Area in California also coming to Alberta for the first time. Aethere perfectly combines aspects of Death Metal, Metalcore, Black Metal and Hardcore into a sound all their own featuring profound vocals and technical guitar. Periphery, After the Burial and Dream Theater are several of the band’s influences which contributed to the writing process of their ‘Tragic Hero Records’ debut full length, “Adrift”. Have a look at their live music video for “Manipulative” here: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOCAL SUPPORT INCLUDES THE ANTICIPATED DUAL ALBUM RELEASES OF TWO CALGARY FAVOURITES: Born For Tomorrow After a hiatus to write and record their first album, BFT is ready and coming at your hard for the live release of “New Awakening”. #bftordead Check out their live feed of “Through the eyes of a Murderer” here: Embers of Empires A metal band based out of Calgary, Alberta. We have a unique spin on trying to combine the various sub-genres of metal into one kickass sound. Their recently released first self-titled album can be found at:…/embers-of-empires-ep/id1287616846 Bayonet Kicking the night off will be Calgary up-and-comers, Bayonet who thrive on Heavy tunes and good times! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Doors at 7:30 Bands at 8 / $15 Tickets / $20 Door WE ALSO ACCEPT E-TRANSER - Send ticket orders to: Password: voxxpromos Please include the name of the show in your description. (Purchased tickets will be held at the door for pickup the night of the event. The name on your e-transfer will be the name on the ticket for pick up) ATTEND / INVITE / SHARE / SUPPORT YOUR SCENE NO MINORS!! Thank you for your support! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Voxx Promos Insta: #voxxpromos Twitter: Voxx Promos Distortion - Live Music Venue Artery Global Artery Recordings Stay Sick Recordings Orange Amplifiers E.J. Shannon Management PinUp Artist Management Tragic Hero Records