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Thursday, December 14th, 2017
8:00 PM
Dean McPhee is a solo electric guitarist who combines fluid, chiming melodic lines with shimmering drones and layers of decaying delay and echo. He has a unique style of playing which draws together influences from British Folk, Dub, Kosmische and Mali Blues and his music is hypnotic with a deep sense of space. His latest album Four Stones is due to be released on Hood Faire (a label run collectively by Dean, Sam McLoughlin and David Chatton-Barker) in November this year and brings together three tracks that were originally released as part of limited edition Folklore Tapes cassette compilations along with two new tracks that use a kick drum pedal, adding a percussive undercurrent to his music.

Sam McLoughlin plays homemade instruments and contraptions, along with guitar, analog synths, harmonium and pump organ. Sometimes he sings songs, other times he combines handmade percussion with microphone feedback, synth drones and unpredictable bowed textures to produce improvised music with magical and shamanic overtones. Sam recently released the album Flaming Liar on Them There Records and has previously released music on Andy Votel's Twisted Nerve label as well as Folklore Tapes, Pre-Cert Home Entertainment and Hood Faire.
David Chatton-Barker is the co-founder and captain of the Folklore Tapes label which was recently described by as possibly the most unique and fascinating label around. As well as being a visual artist and film-maker David specialises in playful and atmospheric collages of sound, dictaphone recordings and live improvisation. Like Sam he also builds his own very inventive and visually striking homemade instruments and sound making devices which he uses to perform live, along with projections and ritualistic interventions. The most recent Folklore Tapes release "The Folklore of Plants Vol 1" was released earlier this year on 12" LP and was researched and executed by 31 different artists.

Violinist Rachel Watkins is a founding member of Fuzzy Lights, long-standing Cambridge band of note, and also of Seeds & Bones - a synth-based project with her sister. Her distinctive playing is informed in equal parts by the experimental tendancies of post-rock and her classical background. Expect explorations of hazy British folk and neo-classicism enveloped by hazy reverberations and hypnotic repetitions.