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Saturday, December 2nd, 2017
8:30 PM
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Teoman, one of the most successful singer-songwriters of Turkish rock music, will be at Zorlu PSM on December 2nd as a part of the Vestel #gururlayerli concerts in collaboration with Atlantis Yapım! Doors 20:30 Teoman 21:30 Having started his music career with the band called Mirage in 1986, Teoman worked in bands such as Mavi Sakal, Indians, Black Rose and Işığın Yansıması until his solo career began in 1996. His namesake album contained acclaimed songs such as Papatya and Sessiz Eller, along with Ne Ekmek Ne De Su, which had won an award for best composition at Roxy Music Awards. O, which was released on the Universal Müzik and NR1 Müzik labels in 1998, rose to prominence with its namesake song, as well as others such as Sus Konuşma, Yağmur and Gemiler. Continuing his productivity, Teoman released Onyedi in 2000. This album featured songs such as Paramparça, 17, Rüzgar Gülü, Uykusuz Her Gece, İki Yabancı, Zamparanın Ölümü and Sürpriz, all of which became instant hits and are still considered as classics.  With Gönülçelen (2001), Teoman's identity as a bard of the city started to stand out and his songs started to be identified with Istanbul. Songs such as Gönülçelen, Anlıyorsun Değil Mi?, İstanbul'da Sonbahar, İstasyon İnsanları and Hayalperest continued to be his most beloved songs in the years to come. 2003 marked the year in which the artist released his second namesake album, which featured a cover of Cem Karaca's Resimdeki Gözyaşları, as well as Senden Önce..., Kupa Kızı ve Sinek Valesi and Rapsodi İstanbul.  Teoman's 6th studio album was En Güzel Hikayem (2004), which featured Güzel Bir Gün, Duş and Bugün. Carrying on his productivity with Renkli Rüyalar Oteli in 2006, the singer/songwriter was once again in the limelight with Aşk Kırıntıları and Kim?, as well as the namesake song. A break of three years ended in 2009 with a great album titled İnsanlık Halleri, which included songs such as Sevişirdik Bazen, Çoban Yıldızı, Ruhun Sarışın and 1 Kadın 1 Erkek, as well as Mavi Kuş ile Küçük Kız, in which Teoman referenced Bülent Ortaçgil, the singer/songwriter who had a huge influence on him.  Releasing the albums titled Aşk ve Gurur (2011), Eski Bir Rüya Uğruna... (2015) and İki Aşk (2016) in the years that followed, Teoman could not remain seperate from music even though he said he would in 2011, an unimplemented decision to the great happiness of his fans.  Along with his studio albums, Teoman released two compilation albums titled Best of Teoman (2004) and Yavaş Yavaş (2014), also being honored Söz Müzik Teoman (2008), in which other artists came together to sing his songs. Teoman also acted in two feature films; Mumya Firarda and Romantik, also writing and directing one; Balans ve Manevra. Teoman continues to be a prominent figure in various scenes of Turkey with his art and unique style.  On December 2nd, the Vestel #gururlayerli concerts, in collaboration with Atlantis Yapım, will feature Teoman, one of the most important representatives of the singer/songwriter genre, at Zorlu PSM!