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Terraza 7 - "Crossing Heavy Borders 2"
Sunday, November 12th, 2017
5:00 PM
Once again, members and friends of New York's Heavy Music Community will come together, unplug, and play acoustic sets to support the education and empowerment of impoverished kids in Guatemala, (via The Integral Heart Family). I have the pleasure of announcing a preview of our in-process, ever-evolving, don't-shoot-me-if-there-are-errors-and-changes (phew) LINE-UP! More will be added as confirmed, but for now - dig it! Eric Jackson (ambient guitar from space) Jack Hope (spoken word) Maria Tegzes/Geoffrey Burleson (piano/vocal classical smash) Nicholas & Angelina (guitar/vocals) and the Nick Horner Family (Alt-Folk) Mt. Thelonious (St. Louis edgy Modern Folk featuring Alyssa Avery) Lexi & Tom (guitar/vocals) Signals of Bedlam (ungenrefiable band featuring Tom Hoy, Chika, Rich et al) Julianne Mason (piano/vocals) Sam Walters & cohorts (vocals from the scrotum of hell) Hank Mason (Brazilian piano) Alexander Haber (metal piano) David Dodini (acoustic prog) Gadol & Stark of Libricide (acoustic heavy) Plague of Jackals (acoustic metal band featuring Hunter Thore et al) Naturre G Ganganbaigaali (Mongolian throat vocals) Expect realignments, new alliances, crossovers, and augmentations, because that's what we do. More to follow as confirmed! Meanwhile, t-shirts and drawstring bags are ordered. Yay. #OneLove #FuckWalls #JacksonHeights