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Sunday, November 12th, 2017
7:30 PM
Flamenco Express showcases the widest diversity of flamenco talent north of the Pyrenees Joining La Joaquina and Chris Clavo this month, hot from the Madrid scene, is new face El Halcon. Plus the return of vocal virtuoso Pedro Sanz.

El Halcon
Hit the scene in 2012 with performances for Alma Sanz, José Moro, and Raquel Villar in 'Madrid.2i2 quartet as soloist and choreographer.
Followed by solo roles with El Cortijo, Taiko, and Flamenco Life with José Barrio in Japan, and soloist and choreographer for Spanish Fire Company in China; soloist with Amalagama Flamenco Company,and Embrujo Pedro Fernandez in Madrid.

Pedro Sanz
Acknowledged heir to the legends of flamenco song, and custodian of its future. A lyrical virtuoso, lifting the audience above pain and care, and the dancer above the stage as if on wings.
'Pedro Sanz offered an intense, evocative solo as the Cantaor'
VIVIEN SCHWEITZER. New York Times 2008

La Joaquina
An uncompromising fireball of flamenco, physically exploring and confronting the contortions and complexities of living. Only capable of total commitment and inspiration.
"La Joaquina, tiny, urgent and intense, explored a vast emotional vocabulary, and juxtaposed vulnerability and tenderness with violence and aggression tempestuous beats ... sinewy arms snake angrily and her taut body is totally driven by her feelings. Wild and untameable... - Emma Manning. The Stage

Chris Clavo
A bewilderingly versatile musician in constant telepathic harmony with his fellow artists and the audience.
"Two amazing guitar solos from Chris Clavo and Jesus Alvarez made string instruments sing with impossible precision. " Staffordshire Post.
This feisty company delivers the finest in flamenco, plus sizzling soloist La Joaquina. Time Out