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Reformed Whores Do Westchester
Friday, November 10th, 2017
7:00 PM
Presented by Take a Number Productions Imagine if Dolly Parton & Flight of the Conchords got drunk and had a baby. Take A Number Productions opens its inaugural season with the irreverent musical comedy duo Reformed Whores! These All-American gals don’t beat around the bush as they skewer and celebrate country music with their dulcet voices and hilarious lyrics. Southern bred, but NYC based, Katy Frame & Marie Cecile Anderson have been featured on IFC, PBS, CBS, and many other three-letter networks. Better yet, their YouTube Channel just hit over a million views! Take A Number Productions proudly presents Reformed Whores as their inaugural launch of bringing downtown to the river towns. Read our mission statement at the link below: Reformed Whores first gained prominence when they released their song and video, Slut, in response to Rush Limbaugh's attack on Georgetown University Law student, Sandra Fluke in February, 2012. It's just as relevant today. And so are they. They recently returned from a hugely successful run at the Edinburgh Festival (Scotland. Not Pennsylvania). Explore these links: Tickets (Reserved Seating): All Patrons: $30.00 20% discount available for students, educators, and seniors. Visit for more information!