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Friday, November 24th, 2017
7:30 PM
Forget The Down-London band doing a feisty alt rock with a baggy swagger but a hard rocking riff monster edge. Dynamic stuff. Like Oasis go rawkTim Poland Redux back again, and we're very pleased to welcome them, Dublin Castle stalwarts of just a few years ago, the intense, wigging out, wiry rocknroll of TP is a delight and a foot moving enablement certainty too. Tim Poland Redux dug up, dusted down and reassembled to celebrate 12 years since their classic 2004 Album album 'Nasty, Brutish, Short' . Bonnie Daffoe-Epic tunes with a Mott feel,crunching hard rock with widdly guitar, more AC/DC meets Kiss all a vehicle for Bonnie's deep, dark brown rawk rasp. Joan Jett springs to mind, also Bowie and The Rolling Stones. .