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Head Above Tide Album Release Show
Saturday, January 27th, 2018
7:00 PM
Singer-songwriter Jason Vitelli makes records "live in the studio", using a stereo pair of microphones (like traditional Classical recording) to capture an electro-acoustic rock band with strings. You have only two ears and two speakers, so you only need two mics. His natural voice needs no "engineering" to carry the strong lyrics in his songs, and a full-on band needs no "fixes" or "mixes". Come celebrate a record that sounds live (because it was live!) with a live performance as clean as a recording from the unique sound system at SpectrumNYC, the audio "high end" live music salon of New York City. We break down walls instead of building them! Just like Jason's studio work ,Spectrum does not use mixing. The entire amplification system is OVOMOS: one voice, one mic, one speaker. This means a multi-channel virtual ensemble of studio guitar amp, studio bass amp, acoustic guitar speaker, three vocal speakers, a pair of piano speakers, a percussion speakers, a cello speaker and a violin speaker.