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Awaken Conference 2017
Saturday, October 21st, 2017
7:00 PM
Silicon Valley is the place of “the next big thing.” You know that because that’s why you moved here in the first place. You had a great opportunity with an amazing company and you also knew that as a Christian you could make a difference here. You had vision. But before long you started working more than you ever thought you would and you found out that buying a house is nearly impossible. You’ve begun to feel burned out, isolated, and like you’re on a treadmill that just... won’t... stop... Is this it? Is this what you came here for? If you feel like you’ve lost track of your vision and are out of touch with God, then Awake is for you. This 1-day experience is a chance for young professionals who follow Jesus to be refreshed and empowered to not just be “nice people at work” but to be catalysts for a great move of God in Silicon Valley. Here’s how: register for Awake, join us on October 21st, and leave with a plan for how you can make a difference. It’s time to refocus on why God has called you here and what he wants you to do.