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PSYCH feat. Psychic Lemon, Robust Soul, Blank Lines, Bavarian Rocket Group and Predawn
Sunday, October 29th, 2017
5:00 PM
Psychic Lemon - “Space-rock power; relentless drums and slicing bass lines with unpredictable raw guitar” Cambridge Music Reviews, June 2017 Psychic Lemon’s first album was released in 2016 on Drone Rock Records, and they have just released a new track, Interstellar Fuzz Star, 10 minutes of space rock power: The track is from their upcoming second album, Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay, to be released on Tonzonen Records in January. Robust Soul - eclectic, progressive and inventive inviting comparisons to Pink Floyd and The Doors. Blank Lines - expansive rock laden with keyboards and dripping with guitar, reminiscent of Spiritualised and Primal Scream. Bavarien Rocket Groop - Shane O'Linski, often touted as the Syd Barrett of Norwich (seriously), brings his band to dispense madcap lyricism and songwriting genius Predawn - deep psych with wailing guitars, walls of noise and Odyssean jam outs. £5 entry