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Sunday, October 8th, 2017
10:00 PM
Nikos Diamantopoulos is one of the most successful Greek musical producers / Djs / remixers who enjoys enormous appreciation and love, not just on the side of the public, but also from all his colleagues.
2017 was a year-station in his life, not because he released another success... but because in March, unfortunately, he was diagnosed with neuroma (benign volume in the head) in a very difficult spot and so he has been facing a long time The greatest challenge in his life... a very rare case that combined with the small population of Greece makes it even more rare.
Nine out of ten doctors who examined nico because of the difficult access to the tumor and because of the rarity of the case, they do not take over and strongly urged him to go abroad, since there is no experience of such a complex operation in Greece.
Nikos Diamantopoulos needs to operate immediately at the neurosurgery institute ini in Hanover, specializing in such incidents and the cost of this difficult operation is enormous. So four of his friends took the initiative and the decision to help.
Music is Nikos's great passion, music brings us closer and unites us in the difficult and good times. That's why friends, acquaintances, associates, company small and large gather to play music for the sole purpose of helping their beloved friend. Three dates, three sites throughout Greece: Saturday 30/09 at Bolivar Beach Bar (Athens), Sunday 8/10 at Piccadilly (Thessaloniki) and Saturday 14/10 at Pas mal (Patras) we dance and sing loud for Nico!