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Friday, October 27th, 2017
7:00 PM

The Skinny - The brain-boggling urgency of The Mars Volta one minute and the shifting, metallic riffology of Alpha Male Tea Party or VASA the next.

Punktastic - Ultimately, All The Best Tapes have created a jarring piece of music that simply works. It's fast, unpredictable, but most importantly, accomplished.

Fecking Bahamas - Perfect Hibernation is a kid overdosing on packets of sherbet fizz, marauding across the city on an all-day train pass, wreaking havoc and seldom apologizing. Nothing but flare here.

Stoke's t h r a s h j a z z pioneers All The Best Tapes made their explosive return to the fray with 2017's double A-side single "Perfect Hibernation///Calle De La Cruces" on the hot, fresh and revitalised Sunbird Records label with the accompanying music videos going from the four lads taking on and winning Japan's cult gameshow "Wake The Egg" to a greenscreen wearing post rock infused acid trip.

After releasing a few EPs that catalog the group's transformation from a three piece and vocally driven progressive rock tinged punk rock group on "This is not a record, this is All The Best Tapes" to the four piece "The Gnar EP", back to the power trio for 2014's Bob Cooper produced and critically acclaimed facemelter the "All The Best Tapes" LP and to their now final form, the instrumental quartet of jazz fusion spliced maniacs.

Having shared the stage with such luminaries as Vasudeva, Delta Sleep, TTNG, Night Verses and City of Ifa in venues up and down the UK and Europe and with a freshly evolved mutant sound covered in guitar pedal slime, All The Best Tapes are here again.



Musical Mathematics - "The bar for song-writing here is set so high that even Godzilla could limbo it."

One Beat - "Genuine contenders in the British underground scene... it's hard not to fall under their spell... they are crazy good."

7 Bit Arcade - "An emphatic release... They know how to get a crowd going"

Daily Dischord - "So feel-good it's unbelievable... Catchy and memorable without being overly complicated... A real breath of fresh air."

Bear Makes Ninja are a three piece band from the flat lands of Lincolnshire. The band formed in 2009 whilst Karina was 200 miles away in Brighton.

At it's core this band is three best mates writing and playing music together and having fun.

Over 8 years the band have released two EP's (If We Were Cats (2011), Shouting at Bridges (2013)) and a full length album "Shenanagrams" through Mountains of Records.

Shenanagrams was recorded at Start Together Studios in Belfast with producer Rocky O'Reilly (And So I Watch You From Afar, Oppenheimer). A dream come true to work with someone who has recorded some of their favourite albums.

Bear Makes Ninja have gigged all over the UK supporting acts like Cleft, Alpha Male Tea Party, Axes, Mutiny on the Bounty, A-Tota-So, Memory of Elephants, Tubelord, Tall Ships, The Wytches, Vasa, Kusanagi to name a few. They have toured Europe four times, as well as Ireland back in 2013 and have also had sets at the notable ArcTanGent, Handmade, So!, Shantifest, Hockley Hustle and Tramlines Festivals.



Two Perthshire bros doing what they do best; jamming riffs and breaking hearts 💔