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Black Skull Carnival
Friday, October 20th, 2017
5:00 PM
is the year 2017 and the tale of Horror that is The Black Skull Carnival has begun a new chapter of insanity, debauchery, darkness, amusement and terror! This time, the Black Skull Crew has boarded their ship of madness and set sail for a land they call Sloughhouse. Where the dead walk and the living dance! All in the name of spreading darkness over the Carnival. As this tale is told, there is only one force that may be able to stop the spread of darkness. That force is the power of the White Diamonds. Once the forces of evil cross that light known as The White Diamonds Crew, the only inhabitants of this land, The Devilishly Divine Revue and Zombie Club, can stop them from tearing each other apart.