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Sunday, November 12th, 2017
7:00 PM
Algomech Festival and Museums Sheffield present a concert of strange and wonderful mechanical music, featuring new work from acclaimed artist Leafcutter John.

Leafcutter John For AlgoMech 2017, Leafcutter John will perform new work developed in Sheffield in the run up to the festival. He'll be spending time in the fabrication lab in Access Space, developing mechanical sequencer mechanisms using rotating discs and optical or magnetic sensors to create rhythmic and harmonic patterns. Be the first to hear the results.

Peter K. Rollings: Experimental Sonic Machines: Handmade machines generate post-punk basslines and rhythms, controlled by Peter K. Rollings, and joined by Ernie, the robotic drummer.

Sarah Kenchingon: Sounds from the Farm yard This performance by the Pedal Powered Orchestra, (ridden by Sarah Kenchington), will use mechanically enhanced acoustic instruments to evoke the pastoral/industrial ambience of an intensive dairy farm. This comes from the notion that the sounds produced in the making of the instruments as well as those that are present in the environment where they are kept, have become intrinsically connected to the sounds they now make. In the same way that people talk about the flavour of whisky being influenced by the ground that the water runs through, this idea suggests that the sonic environment has infiltrated the musician and instruments alike.