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1st Thursday Art Show - Overwhelming Dreams: Mixed Media Art
Thursday, January 4th, 2018
7:30 PM Join us at Blondie A Salon's First Thursday & Art Show! Come check out our space and see amazing art, listen to live music, eat pizza, and grab a fresh cold one! Bring family and friends. FEATURED ARTIST OF THE MONTH: MATTHEW BROOKENS (Panama Red) ( When nothing was going right, I went to Bend to escape my life in Portland. When my time became free, I started to draw. Out of a dismal casm came an outlet. While I always assumed I was never artistic, I made myself believe that the process was greater than the product. I trained myself not to care about what my drawings looked like. I never looked back, and I continued to develop that healthy internal space that emerged when I practiced. It soothed my soul! From there, the practice continued and I started to cultivate a style. Before I knew it, BAM!, art became an integral part of my life and identity. It was inseparable from me. I continually tried to formulate my abstract interpretations of life into illustrations, and it was true love. When I found and grabbed onto this relationship I realized, It was meditation to go through the journey of each process, and at the end was a reflection of myself, and transcendentally a reflection of life. An outlet is ultimately pivotal for the creative soul to traverse existential being. What’s your favorite flavor.:)? ENTERTAINMENT/MUSICIAN: CHELSEA SUE ( ( Chelsea Sue is a singer-songwriter located in Portland Oregon. She captivates audiences with her delicate angelic vocals singing vulnerable original music and covering various styles and genres of popular songs.