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Friday, January 12th, 2018
9:00 PM
The best person to describe what the Young Dubliners sound like is the front man of the band, who presents a delicious rock 'n' roll vision to pin down their sound: "It's like if Pearl Jam and The Chieftains got together with a cup of U2." It's a perfect description of what they do best -- take traditional Irish tunes and throw away the tradition, creating an exciting burst of pure musical joy. They started as a pub band, which is a staple in their native Ireland, but is a much rarer phenomenon in L.A. This novelty soon attracted a following of indie rockers who packed their Santa Monica pub every weekend. Renowned for their intense live shows, you won't want to miss them in their element at The Canyon in Santa Clarita. The Young Dubliners are legendary for their high-energy improvisational style and their ability to jam out, so a venue like the Canyon is where they really shine.