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ALieNation European Tour 2017
Friday, November 17th, 2017
6:00 PM
Brazil strikes the legendary Vort'n vis once more! This time with BLACKNING, bringing you a piece of classic Brazil style faceshredding thrash fuckin' metal. Start doing neck exercises and train your stagedive skills! Shred and thrash until you crash! Time for some old school op je smoel! Added to the program is the new and fresh act of TODAY'S ILLUSION! They bring a mix of heavy and oldschool H8000 hardcore in your face! Their first show in the vort'n vis was a blast and this will be no different! These guys need you so give them the proper support they diserve! Put on your hi tops, slimfit kneeripped jeans and your favorite thrashshirt! My good hoppethrashing friends of INFANTILE will join the bill on this awesome partyfriday! As usual moshin' n bardiving is a must! Next band to introduce does not need an introduction! The mighty DECONSECRATE will kick your asses so hard with their face bashing ballads! Dark fast and bushn vo duust! Also joining the party are Oostende's living nightmare! Straight up your ass thrash till u crash! LETHAL INJURY are a bunch of guys from de noordzêe with a thrashing sound that rips flesh and pisses of seagulls! Prepare! Last to add are no other band than my good friends of MINDED FURY! After their blast at the allmighty Ieperfest they are back to break down your heads! Cole and check em out with their new album! Violent dancing might be apropriate! Todays illusion 18u45 . 19u10 Infantile 19u30 . 20u00 Minded fury 20u20 . 21u00 Lethal injury 21u20 . 22u00 Blackning 22u20 . 23u00 - Deconsecrate 23u20 - Entry €8 Benefits go to vortn vis!