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Friday, November 24th, 2017
8:00 PM
"Damidge was formed by frontman Al Damidge in South London in 1987. In the band's 1990's peak, members included guitarist Alex Pym (Dream Machine/Zub Zub) bassist Roly Wynne (Ozric Tentacles co-founder) and Drummer Conrad Prince & Keyboardist Christopher "Seaweed" Lennox-Smith.
Amongst their playing history was The Astoria & Brixton Academy (both supporting Ozric Tentacles) as well as a UK tour in 1994 supporting the Ozrics and Zion Train.

Damidge recorded their debut album, 'Fax of Life' in 1994 at Foel Studios, North Wales. However the album was never released due to the band's breakup after Prince and Seaweed left to play with the Ozrics on their US tour. The demise of the band left its frontman in deep depression and Wynne to a tragic suicide in 1999." 

In 2013 Al reformed the band with Pym back on guitar, Mitch Lapute on bass and cos on drums. They recorded the EP, 'Limitation' the following year and are now playingcegularly throughout the underground scene."

We've sent over 'Ritten In Rehab' and 'Nightmare Whiteflare' from EP, 'Limitation.' As well, 'Watching TV' from 'Fax of Life.' (Nightmare whiteflare also features on Fax of Life)

THE WEIRD THINGS are a four piece band from South London.This band is made up of Simon who is the Bass player in CASE since 2013 and played guitar with The Riffs in the 80's... Martin is the drummer in CASE, and was in Blood and Roses and Dirty Love.... Mr Jan was the Bass player of Dogbonfire and we have the brilliant Charlie on vocals.
THE WEIRD THINGS are made up of Simon who played Bass in CASE from 2012 until the 2014 and played guitar with the ska band The Riffs in the 80's which toured Europe ... Martin was the drummer in CASE from 1980 to 81 and then again in 1985. Martin reformed CASE in 2011 for the release of the 'Ain't Gonna Dance ' album on Damaged Goods Records.Martin also was in Blood and Roses in 1983 and released a single 'Some like it Hot' and the album 'Enough is never Enough' which has recently been re released on Cherry Red Records. He was also in Dirty Love in 2005 to 2007 and released the album 'Trashed'. Martin also toured with Los Pariliticos supporting The Tubes around Europe in 2005.. Mr Jan was the Bass player of Dogbonfire who had many great support slots with The Damned and The Fall. And most important of all we have the brilliant Charlie on vocals. 
Since the album has been completed the band is now out playing live. We have added more members to give a more full sound. Leila and Sam on backing vocals and the one and only Dick Crippen from Tenpole Tudor and King Kurt on guitar. It always helps when you have your producer in your line up.
There is so much more we could put and go on and on that we did this and that but that's all in the past. All that matters now is what we do with THE WEIRD THINGS.
Chuck is a  Folk Punk Protest Writer hailing from Brighton, UK. Although their roots lie in folk punk, Chucks guitar playing extends far beyond the contemporary and expected style of an acoustic guitarist. 
Chuck SJ Hay has been a staple of the Brighton music scene as both a performer and promoter as well as the indomitable lead singer of revolutionary punk band Echo & The Beats.
Since June 2016 she has been writing a song every day, and fans subscribed to this project, via band camp each month have been receiving 30 odd track albums from the month previous. This project is finally coming to end, and Chuck will be going to the studio and recording a Best Off album. This album is going to be 50 tracks long on 2 discs.
CHUCK SJ HAY is a favourite on the Brighton circuit, with brutally honest well thought out lyrics and fingers that shoot around the fretboard with incredible ease". - Overhead Wires