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Saturday, October 21st, 2017
7:00 PM
The Real Music Club presents... Crayola Lectern, Dr Spacetoad + The Bad Billy Band

The Real Music Club return to The Brunswick on Saturday 21st October with another outstanding line-up of live music. Introducing Crayola Lectern, Dr Spacetoad + The Bad Billy Band.

Crayola Lectern

Crayola Lectern released his debut double album, "The Fall and Rise of..." to great critical acclaim in 2013. The work and muse continue apace with the second album nearing completion and the third underway. Piano-oriented songs and adventures which affect people greatly, forming a unique musical world, all of its own, in thrall to nobody, best described as "what psychedelic music would have sounded like had the Edwardians invented it."

Dr Spacetoad

Dr Space Toad is a True Inter-galactic Troubadour who has written over two hundred songs, the lyrics range from romantic to the mystical, environmental, surreal and anything in between.

Paul's lyrics are very poetic and indeed he is a poet as well as a painter, writer, actor and composer.

Bad Billy Band

British Folk/Rock band, Bad Billy Band are an established group that plays thumping, toe-tapping original music. Hailing from around Brighton/Worthing, the five-piece band knock out an original folk/rock mixture with a lively sound.

The band are notoriously great live and have played to many audiences along the south of England. Not to be missed!