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Friday, November 3rd, 2017
6:00 PM
Simon Kinny-Lewis has been making his mark globally as one of the top players in the new class of six string wunderkinds. His playing and singing has been recognised by some of the best in the business, Steve Lukather, ( Toto ) T.J Helmerich ( Vai ) Robert Marcello, Chris Cain, Martin Miller, Christian Howes to name a few. Captivating audiences all over the world with his unique Blues Guitar style and soulful voice, Simon will be in Solo mode performing songs from his new solo album " Catfish " and his 2016 electric album “ Street Blues ”

Steve Lukather (guitarist for Toto) comments on Simon Kinny-Lewis’s latest album “Street Blues”
“Great man. Your voice has a little Bonnamassa in it…which is cool. Love the tune too. KILLER solo!

T.J. Helmerich - producer/engineer for artists Steve Vai, Victor Wooten, and Tribal Tech says this about Simon’s 2015 release “Strat Attack”…
“Simon’s releases never cease to amaze me! This one is my favourite I think... love the writing, and the players. Simon’s guitar talents truly shine on this, as he effortlessly navigates through tricky progressions with fire, grace and taste!”

Christian Howes - leading jazz violinist and professor at the Berklee College of Music. His artistic collaborators have included Les Paul, Greg Osby, Robben Ford, to name a few writes....
“One of the most soulful guitar players on the planet!”

Simon Cotsworth - Producer/Engineer (Seal, Santana, Benson, Ritenour, Simon Kinny-Lewis)
“What I look for is timing and performance..and Simon is top on both of those.”

Vicente Zumel - (La Hora del Blues - “Street Blues” review) - “Simon appears as a good poet and storyteller, but also as an excellent composer, an impressive singer and a first class guitar player. A magnificent sophisticated album that in every note gives off a delightful fragrance. Very good!”