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Saturday, October 14th, 2017
8:00 PM
Life of Strife Productions is ready to receive Nausea and beware of the Bomb babes!
presenting from Paris

******* N A U S E A B O M B *******

spread their music in a blend of punk and psychobilly, with ska, oi! , surf music, country, celtic folk influences.

With their mixte vocals, double bass and energy on stage, they presented them in different european tours, it gave a motivation to go to play as far as possible. Whatever the venue, big stages, litle bars, stinky squats, in the street or catacombs... only do the party togethers matters !

Just coming back from South America, North Africa in Morocco...soon in the UK and in Brasil !

******* J A W L E S S *******

Trashcore Metal female fronted London band,

******** T H E B A B E S ********
Celtic Punk Rock, Playing London after their Mainland Europe Tour and introducing their debut album "Greetings from London"

Entry £3