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Thursday, October 12th, 2017
6:00 PM
“Lach is the mastermind of Antifolk, like a Lower East Side rendezvous of Bob Dylan and Patti Smith. Like black snow, stalled subway cars and random violence, Lach is a Manhattan institution.”- NY Times

“Kids FIy Free, offers a radiant set of tunes that deftly teeter between classic folk and rockabilly. It demands the attention of anyone who has ever embraced music that's smarter than your average three-chord rock.” - Billboard

“Lach is so what the East Village used to be all about. He's a gruffand-tough punk turned poet with a heart o'gold singing jangly, funny, poppunk songs.”-TimeoutNY

"Think battered acoustic thrashings, think sarky, smart-mouthed wit and wisdom but most importantly think Lach. Lach is rarely less than a face-ache funny, beat-punk-unplugged joy, and likely to send you home with several favourite new songs"- The Guardian UK

“Lach is a star! More Woody Allen than Woody Guthrie and a raised middle finger to the folk purists.”-NME

"Lach's Blang!- A wholly enjoyable voyage into a strange and brilliant musical mind!"- Billboard

“NYC's living legend, riotously catchy!”-Timeout London

“Lach's Today - 4 Stars! Splendid! Best of it's kind!”- Mojo

“Speed assaults and whimsy. Recommended!”-Uncut


"5 Stars- thoroughly entertaining and unique" - The Daily Record and Sunday Mail

"Sublime banter!" – The Scotsman

"And then there was Lach. How to describe him? Is he a comic? He says no. Is he a raconteur? Well he talks well! Is he a singer and musician? Well certainly if the short burst we saw was anything to go by. This multitalented New Yorker held the crowd rapt for the closing set as he showcased all his talents."

" He's incredibly bright, he's influential, he's funny, he's smart, he's got his own, sort of, counter-culture charm. A very intelligent songwriter, funny, poetic. If you actually take the time to read his lyrics there's always some beautiful bit of thoughtfulness there or something unexpected. He became part of New York folklore." Suzanne Vega

"He's a street-corner ambassador. Lach is beat. He's a ringmaster. He's a poet's poet." –Michelle Shocked

" Lach is just one of those cats that's not only a brilliant songwriter himself but he has the organizational business skills to create an environment for other people to do the same. Lach put it all together. The godfather of Antifolk!" – Dean Friedman

" He's an absolute legend." –Vic Galloway

"Incredibly entertaining. The captain of our ship. Not just a singer/songwriter, he's an entertainer. Punk rock kids are going to relate to it but also I think that the little old ladies in their coach trips could enjoy spending an hour or two in Lach's company." –Duglas T Stewart (of The BMX Bandits)

" Really quite magical. He's such an affable, unassuming guy. Lach tells stories. His songs, if you listen to his records, are very infectious and you find yourself with a tune rattling inside your head." – Colin Somerville, The Herald

"Lach is the best songwriter I've ever met." – Adam Green (The Moldy Peaches)

"Lach is my hero and mentor." – Hamell on Trial

“The best punk rhythm guitarist since Johnny Ramone.”- Billy Ficca of Television

"Absolutely Fab!" - Janice Forsythe, Radio Scotland

“I am lucky to find Lach…his songs are - as ever - unpredictable and very sharp.” - Kate Copstick, The Scotsman