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Monday, December 4th, 2017
7:30 PM
With all three band members entering their 30's, new album Carpe Diem (released 8th September on Sinderlyn) sees Walter TV dealing with many (all?) of the classic tropes that no person can seem to escape or avoid (except the enlightened few) including, suffering, loss, death, love, chaos, inevitability, declining conditions of earth, self inflicted spiritual pain, heart attacks, forfeiture of morals, yearning, attempts at doing the right thing, karma (police), moments of clarity, depression, introversion/extroversion, the singularity, technological advancements, neglect, insults of opulence, lack of community and looking out for your fellow people, being paranoidyou get the point!

Come witness Pierce, Joe and Simon and their... expressive new album at Moth Club later this year!