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Assembly of Disturbance
Thursday, October 5th, 2017
7:00 PM
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Assembly of Disturbance is a three-day festival that gives voice to the manifest dissonance, the emergent anger and resultant resistance in Britain in the year 2017. Curated by Test Dept, Aaron James and David Altweger, the festival explores how one hundred years on from the Russian Revolution, which unleashed radical artistic forces that sought to build an idealistic new society, the current socio-political climate is also engendering a need for a profound shift in governance. As such, Assembly of Disturbance invites you to join an assemblage of artists to consider the prevalent and pressing intersection of art and activism, challenging and disrupting the current state of affairs in Britain, and beyond. The festival will take place at Red Gallery and Kamio in Shoreditch between Thursday 5th and Saturday 7th October 2017. The two venues will act as a hub for a series of performances, film screenings, AV installation, sound installations, workshops, a symposium and DJs; including work from internationally renowned artist Malcolm Poynter, talks from world-leading philosopher Timothy Morton and site-specific performance pioneer Mike Pearson; performances by Puce Mary, Kris Canavan and Hannah Sawtell; and DJ sets by Nina and Trevor Jackson. Assembly of Disturbance also offers exclusivity for audiences to see Test Dept perform the first live iteration of material from their new album Disturbance. It also features a rare dissonant sound clash in which Graham Cunnington and Paul Jamrozy invoke a Kontinuum through early industrial sounds into a dystopian soundscape of experimental electronic rhythms, dubbed out beats and driven bass; and +Electrification - a tenacious collaboration between Prolekult (Test Dept and autoPneaumatx) with Disinformation, which electronically mixes kinetic sound and machine sculpture to produce an intense battery of audiovisual percussive performance. Alongside the festival, Test Dept, Aaron James and David Altweger present the exhibition Culture is Not a Luxury!, which unveils manifestos, documents and artworks traced from the group’s inception in an 80’s landscape of industrial rationalisation, via their networks and travels in Western Europe and behind the Iron Curtain. The exhibition creates a unique journey through Test Dept's archival materials, offering personal insights into the group and the cultural and political activists they have collaborated with, whilst mapping the rise of neo-liberal free market capitalism in a precarious world disorder on the precipice of conflict, economic and ecological disaster. #DisturbanceLDN