All Is Well Tickets - The Cave | Bandsintown
Saturday, September 16th, 2017
7:00 PM
Five Awesome bands have burrowed deep into the earth and found a beautiful cave in Ypsilanti where music happens. If you ask us where to find said Cave we would be happy to disclose the address. All is Well is currently tunneling all the way from Grand Rapids to make this show happen. We think that is swell. Word on the street is that they just released a new record. Word on the street is that you can listen to it here Lacroix Winget didn't have to tunnel as far, but we think you will love her incredibly unique voice and beautifully written songs. I heard she might play some new songs, but if you want to listen to her old ones in the meantime... Craigslist is a great place to give away your old underwear... but it turns out it's also a great place to form a band, as demonstrated by Red Robe. You will absolutely love this band and you will love the way you look while you listen to this band... I guarantee it! You Rest You Joy Life blends emo riffage and vocals with waves of thick reverb and delay to create a delectable experience that would make even Gordon Ramsey blush. Check it out! Fallow Land sucks. So I heard All is Well had to take off work for three days to tunnel all the way to Ypsi, so it'd be super cool if you can throw them a couple bucks for making the trip out. We suggest around $5 if you have it. Grab your shovel and start digging! We'll see you soon!