Empyrean Throne Tickets - Tumbleweeds Music Venue | Bandsintown
Christmassacre Fest
Saturday, December 16th, 2017
4:00 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sling Metal Productions is proud to present; CHRISTMASSACRE FEST! December 16th at Tumbleweeds Music Venue in Houston, Texas! Empyrean Throne Nebethet Pandaemonum Entrenched Defilement Uncleansed Suicide Pandemic Baptized by Fire Kleaver Manifest Insanity Votan Sardonic Witchery Asylum Terrorem Kavyk Desecrate the Faith An unholy night of terror!! Tickets go on sale soon. Keep an eye out for the announcement of one very special headliner you won't want to miss. Also, flyer credit to Jonathan Hatley of Hatley Design and Asylum Amazing artist in every way.