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Carter & Carter House Concert with surprise special guests
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
2:00 PM
BOOK NOW: 0416 075 638. Tickets $40 and seats strictly limited. Multi-Award winners Carter & Carter have become famous for their unique house concerts - a friendly environment in which the audience is not only given a special insight into the stories behind Carter & Carter's hit songs but also introduced to their new music. There is also a homemade afternoon tea featuring Merelyn's famous hot chocolate and as well as sharing their music Carter & Carter invite along some of their friends to perform for you - some past guests have been Amber Lawrence, Lyn Bowtell, Billy Bridge, Dianna Corcoran, Anthony Taylor, Rebecca Lee Nye, Roo Arcus, Paul Costa and a whole heap more. You never know who will turn up to entertain with a song or two. Book early these shows sell out.