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Friday, September 22nd, 2017
8:00 PM
Not one but THREE of the finest new acts in London right now, back by popular demand!


One of the most singular bands to emerge from the current London scene, and having played alongside Micachu, USA Nails, Goat Girl, Shame, and HMLTD, their heady blend of dense poetry and doom-laden post-rock has been smothering audiences into submission for a little over a year now.

From their debut track, the self-flagellating, enigmatic This is Your World, Krist is Just Living in it, they have released the first strand of the unravelling narrative thread that binds all of their music together; their songs are filled with a host of phantoms that are exorcised in front of you on stage, yet none but them has heard the full story yet. .


Purveyors of the darkest dreamscapes.


Suitman plays live jungle and drum & bass mash-ups using a stand-up cocktail kit and SPD-SX.

Suitman is also the drummer in Micachu & The Shapes so know this'll be something special.