Jess Reid Tickets - Kiss The Sky | Bandsintown
Sunday, September 10th, 2017
2:45 PM
PLEASE NOTE, this event is ADULTS ONLY - no children allowed in the bar. Buy a ticket in advance if you want to guarantee a seat, Tickets available at the door too at £4, but no seat guaranteed. Deliciously chilled unplugged acoustic music to charm you on a Crouch End Sunday afternoon. Yes, we're back again for the autumn sessions and we've three great acts to entertain you... JACK HARRIS Welsh born folkster, an absolute favourite at SoftlySoftly, who has a hilarious line in patter as well as glorious songs and a gorgeous voice. RICK JAKUBOWSKI An old friend of SoftlySoftly this time with his brilliant harmonica/guitar accompanied songs. SPEKKI CHRIS Since he last appeared at SoftlySoftly, Chris and his lovely partner have had a baby boy, but happily he's now got a free weekend and is returning to give us more songs and show off his amazing fingerpicking guitar skills. JESS REID Delightful young singer songwriter with percussive guitar style. As usual doors open at 2.45, with music starting at 3pm and continuing until 5pm Oh yes, and there'll be marshmallows too! (After 5pm the bar opens its doors to non-paying general public, so you can stay on and enjoy the evening ambience) The venue is easy to get to - Tube to Finsbury Park or Overground to Crouch End Hill, then a couple of minutes on the W7 bus to Crouch End Clocktower, from which the venue is just two minutes' stroll.