Slough Feg Tickets - Capital Ale House | Bandsintown
Metal Feast
Thursday, October 26th, 2017
7:00 PM
Good bands in a good venue at a good price. We will blow your head up with metal. SLIMEHOLE and THE BROADBERRY in association with PERDITION BOOKING and TONEDEAF TOURING present: BUZZOV-EN (NC/VA legends) SLOUGH FEG (California, Metal Blade) COUGH (RVA, Relapse) EARTHRIDE (Maryland doom veterans) ALMS (Baltimore) 6PM Doors // 7PM Sounds $20 Advance // $25 Day of Show Tickets: Slimehole, in association with The Broadberry, Capital Ale House, Perdition Booking and Tonedeaf Touring, bring you what might as well be called the "RVA Doom Fest!" This thing is stacked from front to bottom featuring a headlining appearance by the almighty and long-running death-machine BUZZOV-EN!! They haven't played Richmond in a long ass time and their trips are rare as hell, so don't fuck up this time around. Another band that's been kicking for 20 years but have yet to make it this way are the world-expanding bad-dudes in SLOUGH FEG who will be making only 2 rare east coast appearances this fall (RVA and Baltimore). If that weren't enough already, this will be COUGH's first local show in long over a year and will feature an expanded and tweaked lineup which I was able to see on the west coast and you'll be impressed. Usually by this point I am talking about earlier bands in the lineup that you probably don't know, but this is so stacked we're talking about another 20ish year act of doom veterans, the return of THE Dave Sherman and EARTHRIDE to RVA! Opening this whole thing will be Baltimore's ALMS who feature current and ex members of Oak, The Pilgrim, Cemetery Piss and many more! Get your tickets now because this one should sell-the-fuck-out in Slimehole's first ever metal gig over at Richmond Music Hall at Capital Ale House!!