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Sunday, October 22nd, 2017
2:00 PM
Times will be from 2-9PM....Starting off with a POOL Party, weather depending, so bring your suits and towels, and chairs... The M&G will be around 4-5, and then the music "WILL PLAY ON, PLAY ON..." $20 a person, please, as usual, going straight to the musicians.. BYOB, and a small dish to pass. I will be cooking burgers and dogs, thru out the afternoon. DROP DEAD DANGEROUS, THE BAND!!!!! Kitty Steadman and Melanie Howe, will also be bringing with them, Paul Wray and JD Edge.!!!! THIS WILL BE A SHOW YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!!! THE DAY AND NIGHT WILL BE ROCKIN'!!!!! They're stopping at our place, on their way down to MOTM, so consider this a PRE-PARTY, TO THE BIG SHOW!!! It also is going to be a Pool party, weather depending, so read above and do exactly as it stated, for this show too!!! Please RSVP by the 15th