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Groove Affection Live On @ChillLoverRadio
Wednesday, September 13th, 2017
8:00 PM
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Groove Affection Live On Chill Lover Radio rolls into September with some new music fresh out of the studio. Airing September 13th at 8 PM EDT (Time zone conversions below for you). It's all about House Music and brings out the most upbeat, energetic, and vocal House grooves. I put together specially selected tracks reaching from all over the House Music spectrum to provide you with a diverse and distinct sound and flow. I cannot wait to have you along for this great upcoming adventure. See you soon. Thank you!

Tune in live in North America and countries in these time zones Wednesday September 13th at 8 PM EDT/ 7 PM CDT/ 5 PM PDT, in the United Kingdom (Thursday September 14th) at 1 AM BST, and in Europe (Thursday September 14th) at 2 AM CEST/ 3 AM EEST.
- Chill Lover Radio's 2016 "Best Radio Show" award winner
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