Wife Patrol Tickets - Grove Haus | Bandsintown
Optical Popsicle Zero
Saturday, September 30th, 2017
6:30 PM
Wife Patrol is playing a couple of tunes while fun ensues at the magical Optical Popsicle Zero! Shadow play, puppets, film, music, dancing, bad jokes, good jokes, primo guest stars from around your city, and — of course — frozen sweets: Your friends at Know No Stranger are shot out of a cannon over the return of Optical Popsicle! Get in on this weekend of whipped-up whimsy, handmade hilarity, and patchwork poignancy. Optical Popsicle Zero, here we come. Hang out with us for an analog, DIY variety of visual treats in an intimate, palsy-walsy setting. It’s all here as we hit the reset button on Op Pop and get back to basics! Seating for this show will be very limited!