Sarah St. Albin Tickets - The Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater | Bandsintown
A Night in Neverland
Saturday, October 21st, 2017
9:30 PM
A Night in Neverland is the only themed musical event in the Seattle area that offers concert-goers the opportunity of a nostalgic return to an imaginative, whimsical childhood Halloween without sacrificing the fun aspects of adulthood. The concert, which features performances by four PNW-based bands in the iconic Jewelbox Theater at the Rendezvous, will provide an enchanting escape for guests from the mundane challenges of adulthood. Remember when the sugar-rushed excitement of Halloween was up there with birthdays and Christmas as one of your favorite days of the year? The costumes, candy, trick or treating, the thrill of haunted houses, and spooky parties? Going home at the end of the night to separate your candy by kind to take stock of your spoils? Ever wish you could go back and recapture the unrestrained delight and fright you felt as a child? Welcome to Neverland, where for one night you can free yourself from the stress of adulting and enjoy Halloween once again, but with the added perks of staying out late, live music, and drinks! The event will be equipped with costume contests, candy, prizes, live music, & more. All bands will be dressed in costumes and we invite you to captivate us with your own. If we are spellbound by your attire you will have the opportunity be entered into our costume contest with a chance to walk the stage and win exciting prizes. Tickets for general admission will be available soon. We will also be offering exclusive VIP packages. RSVP to the event and stay tuned! 21+