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Saturday, October 14th, 2017
6:00 PM
Stretch your necks and get ready for a massive assault on your senses! Scaphis will be performing their entire debut album, Rituals of Torture and Death, and sharing the stage with some of the finest metal that Melbourne, and Tasmania, has to offer!

Scaphis -
Following a run of hard hitting gigs, including Blacken Festival earlier this year, and the successful release of their highly anticipated debut album, Scaphis are ready to unleash chaos as they perform Rituals of Torture and Death in it’s entirety. With chunky riffs, catchy drums and good old fashioned, guttural death metal vocals, RoTaD has been labelled “A headbangers dream” by Stephanie Fothergill of Metal Obsession. A sure-fire treat for anyone craving some straight up death metal.

Extreme, ruthless and devastating, Adamus Exul will be closing the night with their anti-social black metal art. If you like your metal filthy, misanthropic and aggressive – you will not be disappointed.

Catacombs -
Bringing their epic onslaught of melodic death metal, we are stoked to have Catacombs on board. Known for their tight riffs, blasting drums and other-worldly vocals, Catacombs are sure to put on an impressive assault on the senses.

Atra Vetosus -
Joining us all the way from Tasmania, Atra Vetosus are bringing the melodic black metal magnificence they’ve become known for. With harsh vocals, fast and intense drums, melodic guitars and intricate basslines, they’re a brilliant and essential addition to this event.

Obsidian Monolith -
Formed in 2016, Obsidian Monolith are an up and coming melodic death band to keep an eye on. Their melancholic sound incorporates heavy vocals, virtuoso shredding and fast paced drums.

Fornicatador –
Opening the night with bestial black death, Fornicatador features members of Lustration, Blasmer and Hexreign. With a full line up and keen for their Melbourne debut, Fornicatador are not to be missed.

$15 entry, doors open at 6PM.