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Part 2 Fall Concert Series
Sunday, October 15th, 2017
2:00 PM
Fall Concert Series: Adrian+Meredith - Adrian+Meredith, midwest WI and MI-born, now touring out of Nashville TN, have a new record "More Than A Little" out, with stylings of Jazz-Manouche and Polka-Folk. "Too folk-punk to be country, and too country to be folk-punk...full-band barn burner of roots rock perfection ~ No Depression" "The best takeaway being just how damn fun this album is. There's so much to love thrown into this 38-minute package of awesome. ~ Wannabe Cartoon, Chicago" "It’s the shock of the light of sunshine that kick-starts the world, weary from winter. It’s new, natural sounds that promise life is out there. Colorful collisions that inspire, and set fire to your curiosity." ~ American Standard Time / KEXP