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Saturday, November 25th, 2017
7:30 PM
Club Velocity presents
Who Killed Nancy Johnson?/Hawaii Zombie/
Cook/Before The Breakdown
Readipop Studios 35 Milford Road RG1
Doors 7.30pm
Saturday November 25th

Who Killed Nancy Johnson?
Started life as a photograph. Became a name - Nancy Johnson - then a web site. Became a band in 2011. Played gigs. People came, people went, the mood changed. Who Killed Nancy Johnson? with a 75% different line-up started gigging in January 2016 - and with another 50% change is now settled into the best live UK band you haven't seen yet, with its first EP released in January 2017.

Hawaii Zombies
Second Reading show.From Milan,Italy.
Sexy PowerPOP for punks
whom know their rocknroll.
You will not hear them in Top Shop.
Two chaps.Two girls.
Seriously should be your fave new band.

Boy/Grrl revoultion.
Meaty meaty rocknpunk
created by a chap and a girl.
Debut Reading show.

Before the Breakdown
New Kids On The Block.The real deal.