GU-RU Tickets - BrewDog | Bandsintown
Saturday, October 7th, 2017
7:30 PM
'GU-RU'- The beauty of music today is that you can find a diamond in the rough, or psychedelic mushrooms in the grass, whilst searching through the muck and mud that is the music industry. Enter GU-RU (Flea Market Funk) GU-RU is a quartet comprising of keys, flute, drums and bass drawing inspiration from diverse artists such as The Doors, Return to Forever, Tame Impala and Herbie Hancock. For the past decade members of GU-RU have performed worldwide, working with the likes of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Alabama 3 and Z-Star to name but a few. 2017 has seen GU-RU tour the U.K in support of 'Into the Light', release a brand new remix and play a selection of hand picked Festivals. The band is also currently in the process of recording it's debut album, off which the first single 'Flex' will be available on the night. ...sounding rather like a young Jim Morrisonfabulous Fender Rhodeslush horn texturesintergalactic synth accents (Plunger) What these funk virtuosos decided to do is create they're own version of a psych jazz funk and give us 'Into The Light', four radio tunes with enough catchy melodies to stick to your brain (We are the last beatniks). 'Preacher and the Bear'- Super Blues/Psychedelic Boogie- These Leicester faves describe themselves as this..."Preacher went a'walkin' with a Bowie Knife, Met the Big Bad Bear, scared for his life, The Bear says 'Preacher, take it easy friend', And the two will be together 'til the very end..." Old school rock n roll straight from the heart of 1969...Think Canned Heat/Joe Cocker/The Faces and you're almost there... 'Slum Science'- House/Electro/Hiphop/Funk. 'Slum Science' was formed in 2003 by UK producer Danny White who released the 'G's Delight' EP on Daz Saund's Resident Records London Label. Over the past decade Slum Science have released numerous EP's on Icon, Black Cherry, Lingo, Deep Future, as well as tracks being featured on compilations such as Bargrooves Magenta, and Mark Farina's Fabric 40 under the 'Non Believers' alias. Slum Science are also responsible for the UK based Hudd Traxx imprint which is approaching 50 vinyl releases and have uncovered music from the likes of Rolando, Agnes, Rick Wade, and Matthew Herbert.