µ-Ziq Tickets - Fabra I Coats | Bandsintown
Mira Festival
Saturday, November 11th, 2017
7:00 PM
One of Spain's best techno and experimental events returns for its seventh edition, featuring live performances from Julianna Barwick, The Bug VS Earth and Tolouse Low Trax. Line-up / Shackleton + Anika present “Behind The Glass” with visuals by Pedro Maia, William Basinski presents “A Shadow in Time For David Robert Jones”, Emptyset (live A/V), µ-Ziq, Paranoid London, Suso Saiz, Darío Alva + Diego Navarro present “Vessels”, Espinoza modular show, tzusing (DJ set), “Homeomorphism” by OUCHHH, Palmbomen II, Ferenc The Bug VS. DYLAN CARLSON OF EARTH (live) + DEDEKIND CUT [LIVE A/V] WITH MICKI PELLERANO + I-F [DJ SET] + Julianna Barwick [LIVE A/V] + Visible Cloaks [LIVE A/V] + Voiski [POST-TRANCE 3D SOUND LIVE] + QUANTUM CHROMODYNAMICS BY GLASSWORKS INSTALLATION + Tolouse Low Trax [3D SOUND LIVE] + SHOEG [LIVE A/V] + ADULT SWIM PRESENTS SIX MINUTES THAT YOU'LL NEVER GET BACK [360º SCREENING] + THE CRYOGENIAN BY JULIUS HORSTHUIS [360º SCREENING] + MAURICE MIKKERS: IMAGINARIUM OF TEARS [CONFERENCE] + VOID [CONFERENCE]