Ashes and Dreams Tickets - St. Amant Centre - FM Cafe | Bandsintown
Ashes and Dreams at St. Amant FM Cafe
Friday, February 2nd, 2018
6:45 PM
Ashes and Dreams' Chillout Groove Experience features the warm, relaxing vocals of Lisa Saunders, electronic keyboards of Paul Claxton, and funky vibes of bassist Kris Kosie – all set to pulsing chillout beats. Ashes and Dreams is a musical collaboration originally started by Lisa, who hails from Winnipeg, and her Transylvanian band-mate, Liv Mircea, who is currently based in the UK. Lisa and Liv are the main songwriters for the group, which specializes in a unique brand of chill & dream-pop. While they may be separated by an ocean, that isn’t stopping Ashes and Dreams from making big waves in the chill out genre. Recently signed by the Dream House Beats label and distributed by Believe Digital UK, Ashes and Dreams’ recordings have received global airplay on stations like Ocean Radio Chilled, Chilled Lounge Grooves, Stingray Digital satellite radio, DJ Ampz' The Deep Chill, SBS Chill Australia, and CBC Radio. Lounge Masters International also selected Ashes and Dreams' deep chill track Heat Down Low for its world-wide compilation CD Lounge Masters Vibes vol. 12. Ashes and Dreams’ 2016 release, Non-Stop Chillout Pop vol. 1 and 2 includes a mix of serene, dreamy tracks and uplifting, soulful tunes, that are seamlessly linked by Lisa's warm, hypnotic alto voice and Liv's distinctive guitar work and electronic production. Their latest track Gonna Work Out has been remixed by 18 international DJs (and counting) from Austria to Cuba to Australia. This year sees a bright future for Ashes and Dreams, who are hosting Dream House Beats’ new deep house/indie-dance podcast, The Dream House, and working towards their upcoming 2017 CD release, Havana. Keep an eye on the festival circuit for these upcoming artists who look forward to spreading their chillout vibes across the globe.