Lukas Lauermann Tickets - The Tin Music and Arts | Bandsintown
Wednesday, October 11th, 2017
7:00 PM
He plays the cello with celebrated bands (Soap&Skin, Donauwellenreiter, Ritornell, A Life A Song A Cigarette, Der Nino aus Wien, a.o.), writes and plays music for theatre and film productions (Saint Genet, Gelatin, a.o.), realizes sound improvisations: now Lukas Lauermann presents his solo debut, and invites us to listen into the “the great spaces all around” – spaces of memory, chambers of sensation, places of yearning. Lauermann understands the concept of reduction to imply, not the omission of but the immersion in a particular thing; he sets the lines of a poem to music, works out new ways of playing a centuries-old musical instrument. Yet for all his joy in experimenting his music oscillates between the intellectual earnestness of classical concert halls and the directness of pop music. Lukas Lauermann feels at home in both worlds. “If anyone asked me to define the music on this album,” he says, “my answer would be: barrier-free modern classical music.”