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American Veterans Ball 2017 - Virginia
Saturday, November 11th, 2017
6:00 PM
The goal of the AVB is to CONNECT our PAST and PRESENT military veterans to our nation’s next generation and FUTURE leaders of America, while keeping them true to the Red, White, & Blue.

It will also serve and provide veterans of “ALL” the Armed Forces the opportunity to participate in a customary annual event comparable to those of our active service components. The most common denominator that the AVB Founders discovered was that once service members’ transitioned out of their respective branches of service, they experienced a disconnection to these types of traditional comradeship events. Yet, despite of this disconnection many find themselves living out the core values and way of life, as “civilians”, post their active service contribution.

We believe that an event such as the AVB, not only fosters a way to contribute towards youth development and communities, but also creates that pathway to reignite, connect with, and maintain our patriotism with our fellow brothers and sisters through this unique event for years to come. Please join us in celebration in Saluting our past, present, and future Veterans. This event is open to ALL veterans, guest, civilian supporting arms, and the general public. Secure your tickets NOW and help us SOW, REAP, & GROW!