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Sunday, October 8th, 2017
10:00 AM
8.10 MAIN EVENT of the Journey to Peace We will begin the day at the Peace Village near the Dead Sea with our Palestinian partners. From there we will drive to Jerusalem for a march and a mass rally in Independence Park. Part I: The Dead Sea (Area C) We will arrive from all over Israel ,the Palestinian Authority and the world to call for an end to violence. The peace Village reflects the belief of many men and women from israel and the Palestinian Authority that a political agreement is possible. 10.00 Meeting at the Dead Sea 11:00 March 12:00 Peace Village of Sarah and Hagar A meeting of thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women who show together that “Yes. It’s possible”. Program: Discussions,joint activities, speeches Singers: Yael Deckelbaum with her Ensemble “Prayer of the Mothers”; David Broza Part II: Jerusalem 16:30 - Agranat Plaza (opposite Cinema City) 17:30 March 19:00 Mass Rally in Independence Park with the participation of many public figures. Singers : Yael Deckelbaum with her Ensemble “Prayer of the Mothers” During the rally we will launch the Women’s Parliament of Women Wage Peace Transportation: Transport to the Dead Sea : To purchase tickets : Transport to Jerusalem: To purchase tickets: