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Saturday, January 20th, 2018
7:00 PM
It's Col's birthday on this weekend and everything is about him. Come and party with the big dog. Advance tickets coming soon - will be £8 Police Bastard Crusty legends playing Manchester for first time in ages. So pleased to have these on. Cress More noise legends and looking forward to having them - again not played Manchester in a fair while. Grand Collapse A couple of months back they put out one of the best albums in a long old passing of time. If you've not heard it then you need to get it in your head as soon as you can. Knob. Brassick Midlands punx - seem like lovely people and always been good when I've seen them. Don't hold it against them that it's Tree that usually puts them on in Manchester. Vitriolic Response Doing a longer residency for us than Elvis did in Vegas - it's the stonking VR boiz coming to smash things up. Just realised they've played for us a lot but never at the same venue twice. Feral Existence These guys have got Leah on drums and she is amazing at hitting things and a great person. Adam and Kenneth will be shouting about stuff up top. Big K is a massive Cress fan. Do One Brickett and Campos juggernaut plows into town for the first time in nearly 3 rounds of sky fireball. Bound to be loads of filth, sleep and lube. Bring it! Plus 1 more TBC Check out moree MBBP below: